I am an adviser with over 15 years’ experience in executive search, selection, coaching, outplacement as well as strategic and operative executive support. My experience spans from North America to Western and Eastern Europe, from the F500 to mid – sized businesses and startups. I have witnessed 1000’s of stories first hand.

The number one reason people are introduced to me is to help them overcome career related challenges. This is not surprising since  even the most experienced (and value driven, high integrity, laser sharp focused etc.) people may be quite clueless when it comes to their own careers.

I have selected the 3 most common situations to address with my services. The purpose of these services is to give you clarity and put you on the right track in the shortest time frame to maximize the chances of success. They give you principles you can use in any situation, tested and proven tools and a game plan.  These will add great benefit even if you’re already using a coach or thinking about using one; even if you’re “uncoachable”.